I could create links to all of my favorite genealogy sites on the web, but there are so many sites out there! Others have already compiled HUGE web pages with thousands of  genealogy links, so why should I recreate the wheel? I won’t attempt to duplicate the pages below which have a wealth of information for exploration. Here are a just a few you might want to browse:

Below are a few additional links which I have used in my personal research. These are limited to my specific family lines and geographic areas. If you happen to have a link to one of my surnames or to their respective geographic areas — try a few of these sites. (But once again, visit one or more of the links pages noted above for more extensive information, etc.)

I have also subscribed to a few genealogy mailing lists and podcasts. You might consider doing this yourself if you are searching a particular line. There are many mailing lists out
there — most are geared toward a specific surname or geographic area, but there are
also quite a few with a more general subject matter. If you want to find a list tailored to your own needs, try searching either of the site links below: