If you are a LUCAS, BEANY, MATUSKA, SOMERVILLE, MILLER, HARRIS or cousin to any of those families, this is the place where you can get forms to fill out to be shared at the next Eastern Ohio family reunion.

Download or Print a Personal Family Memory Sheet
Download or Print a Family Group Sheet

If you are not related to these clans, please feel free to use the forms included below, BUT PLEASE NOTE: I’ve added a footer to these forms directing folks to return completed pages to my PO Box or e-mail address. If you are working from these forms for your own family history, be sure to edit or delete the footer information so that your hard work doesn’t end up in the wrong (my) hands!

I am not a professional genealogist, nor am I an expert in family research. But I am fascinated by the stories that sometimes get lost in all the birth/death/marriage dates and so forth.

While I am certain this idea is not unique, I decided to try to come up with a way to share and save stories for future generations of my family. With what seem to have become regular annual family reunions for both of my parents’ families, I decided to create a Memory Book with contributions from all of the parents, children, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and everyone in between. These will go into a family reunion binder to be passed around each year at the gatherings. Hopefully the memories (of those who witnessed them) or stories (to those who only heard the memories told second hand) will carry on down the line and future generations will have an idea of those long past and what made them tick. With a new family reunion every year, the memories and stories can be shared over and over again with new ones added regularly.

While not very detailed and quite open ended, I created a Personal Family Memory Sheet. Many blank copies of this sheet will be distributed at future family reunions and other gatherings and hopefully most will come back with the priceless memories transferred from mind to paper.

Please print as many sheets as you need and share stories or memories of any living or deceased parents, grandparents, in-laws, and other family members. Share stories or memories of major events, family vacations, holiday traditions and past celebrations, birthdays, and weddings. Share stories or memories of past homes and cities you’ve lived in, favorite pets, school events, church events. Share stories or memories of any mischief you got into as a child. Share anything that you think others in the family (or in future generations) would enjoy reading and would give them a new idea of who you are and who you were (or an idea of who your parents, grandparents, or favorite uncle — all no longer with us — were).

This form is a first draft. I tried to keep it short enough to fit onto two pages and is best printed doubled sided if you have that ability. If I’ve overlooked any essential or just plain useful information that should be included in future revisions to the form, please let me know your suggestions!

Now get down to writin’ an’ sharin’ those memories!