These disclaimers are a work in progress and are subject to updates or revision as new and changing circumstances require.  Apologies in advance for the impersonal “legalese,” but that’s what I do.

Family Tree Data

Much of the extended or distant family tree data contained on these pages was obtained through other online family trees and/or from the relatives themselves without the use of primary sources. I am not a professional genealogist, nor do I devote myself full time to the verification of these dates and facts; therefore, I have not been able to fully research this information or document primary sources other than as already referenced in these materials. Consequently, I do not warrant that this information is error free and I encourage anyone accessing this information for your own purposes to take whatever reasonable steps necessary to verify the information and document primary sources on your own. As time and circumstances permit, the information found on this site will be updated accordingly with corrections and/or primary source citations.

Family Reunions

To the best that I am able, I will keep news of any upcoming family reunions up to date, but I cannot guarantee that the information will always be 100% current. The family reunion information posted on this site will focus only upon the 2 or 3 generations immediately prior to mine and their descendants.  It will not include family gatherings of branches descended from more distant generations as keeping all of that information straight and trying to determine how inclusive any given gathering is planned for simply would not be practical. Therefore, unless a distant cousin is planning a reunion to welcome ALL descendants dating back to a common 18th century ancestor, reunion news and announcements on this site will be limited to more recent common ancestors of my own isolated branch.

If you are a more distant cousin visiting the site, please don’t take this limitation as a slight or a malicious exclusion, but see it for what it truly is — a reasonable limitation on what a single person can effectively handle. I still welcome any inquiries or sharing of family information with any distant cousins.

Family Newsletters

Similar to the Family Reunions disclaimer, the Family Newsletters will focus only on the descended families of a manageable common ancestor a few generations removed.

In order to protect everyone’s privacy, subscription to any Family Newsletters must be approved. I know many, but certainly not all of the cousins who might be inclined to join. I apologize in advance if I should, but do not, know you. I reserve the right to refuse subscription approval to any request from an individual I do not know or an individual who cannot show a direct family link upon request. I reserve the right to contact anyone requesting subscription to a Family Newsletter to verify the legitimacy of the subscription and make certain that the subscriber is not a “phisher-man” attempting to collect personal data or details of other subscribers.  I will not unreasonably deny subscription to any verified family member.

Subject to future changes, the Family Newsletters will be published in an electronic format and e-mailed to all subscribers as well as posted on the web site.  Any items or photos submitted for inclusion in a Family Newsletter should be written or scanned in an electronic format and submitted/attached through the newsletter submission form. If you are unable to provide an article or photograph submission in electronic form, but have a printed copy you wish to include in a newsletter, please indicate so and I can work out alternate arrangements.

Items submitted for inclusion in the family newsletter are not guaranteed to be published. Reasons for exclusion include, but are not limited to: late or untimely submissions, inappropriate or irrelevant subject matter, lack of available space, etc; however, every effort will be made to publish all suitable submissions. The submitter acknowledges and agrees that any written, photographic, artistic, or other original material submitted for publishing in the newsletter is (1) not subject to any copyrights held by any third party, or (2) is subject to copyright by the submitter and the submitter grants express  permission for the written, photographic, artistic, or other original material to be published in the Family Newsletter and on this web site.  The submitter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless this web site and its administrators for any claims of copyright violation resulting from the submitter’s material being published  in the Family Newsletter and on this web site.  All materials submitted are further subject to the Site Privacy Policy.