The origins of these pages date back to the late 1990s when I first started compiling family data, but I have not done a great deal of updating over the past decade other than some minor updates and page restructuring. I still have much more work to do to make the links and information a bit more current.  Shifting the software that I use, and working around a busy life schedule have greatly impacted how quickly I get things updated. As I add more pages and get a better feel for how it should all be organized, some of the content may disappear or move to a new location. Bear with me as I continue to re-design the site and shift the information around in a more logical and manageable structure!  (I dislike those “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” banner graphics on sites that leave the existing information hidden or inaccessible, so I will not restrict any of that stuff here).

The intent of these pages (which I have admittedly failed in many aspects) is to not only document the names and dates of our family, but to try to capture some of the history and ‘personality’ as well. In my times of strong motivation I envisioned collecting (and still hope to collect) many stories and anecdotes about individuals appearing in the family trees to better know who they REALLY were.  It has often been said that dates and places are the branches of a family tree, but the true stories are the leaves.

For that very reason, I have some printable forms here for any family members to make use of.  I had distributed some blank copies to those who attended past family reunions in Jefferson County, Ohio; but time and distance have sadly made those reunions a thing of the past. Even so, if you choose to print these forms and share your stories, I would be more than happy to share any information you choose to return.

A fuller collection of family history requires contribution by ALL in the family.  If you are part of the families represented on these pages, please consider contributing your memories and stories for future generations to hear!  Submission of any and all photographs are most welcome.  With any photos, please provide as much information that you know as possible, including: names of the people and places depicted; date (or approximate date) the photo was taken; the special occasion (if any) that inspired the photo; and any other commentary or anecdotes.

I’ve uploaded four family trees representing each of my parents and each of my wife’s parents. The trees are linked from the surnames below. I’ve done my best to redact all living individuals from those trees for privacy purposes, but have tried to give as much information as possible otherwise. If anyone out there has any information on any of these families, drop me a line.


LUCAS/LUKACS from Lastomir, Slovakia immigrated to Ohio in the late 19th century as about a six year old I’m told. We are still trying to track this young fella’s trip through Ellis Island or some other port of entry. So far, we’ve had no luck yet finding his listing on any vessel rosters. But we’ll keep looking for you, Pop — we’re going to find you someday.Matuska

MATUSKA from Markovce, Slovakia immigrated to Ohio in the early 20th century.



BEANY from Jefferson County, Ohio. I believe earlier generations may have come from Pennsylvania, but I’m not exactly sure where the even more distant generations came from.


SOMERVILLE from Mason County, Virginia/West Virginia — earlier generations came from Virginia and Ireland. This particular branch of the Somerville tree can also trace directly back to Charles Washington, the brother of General and President George Washington.

BERARDI from San Marino immigrated to Ohio in the late 19th/early 20th century and settled in Erie County.

CASALI from San Marino immigrated to Ohio in the late 19th/early 20th century and settled in Erie County.  As the story goes, a young Sammarinese woman, who was engaged to another young man in her village, was talked into coming to America by her brother to meet his friend, Secondo Berardi.

LANE from Pulaksi County, Kentucky.

LUTTRELL also from Pulaksi County, Kentucky.

 Happy Searching!!!

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  1. Hello!

    Over Thanksgiving I decided to research a bit of family history and I came across your site. I am the great-granddaughter of Eulah Caroline Somerville and I was very shocked to see how you were able to trace her family for so many generations. I am also very interested in learning more about our connection to Charles Washington! I would love to speak with you more about this and share some more information about the next generation, as you can imagine, with 8 grandchildren just from Nelson Augustus Park Jr. there are many of us now.

    Best regards,

    Bridget Groves

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