Genealogy is a hobby of mine, when I find the time for it. I think every person, at some point in his or her life, feels a desire to know where he or she came from. Different people satisfy that desire in different ways, but most satisfy this need through genealogy. The history of a person’s own family and how that person came to exist is absolutely fascinating! Think about all of the variables of past lives which had to happen exactly as they did for each of us to exist as we do today. One seemingly insignificant decision or chance meeting 75 or 100 years ago likely determined our entire family’s very existence today.

I don’t particularly believe in “fate” or “destiny” or the idea that we don’t have the freedom of choice to move our individual lives in specific directions.  But I do believe that we have guidance in making both the major and minor decisions in life that dictate our own stories and the very existence of our future generations.  You can read more of my thoughts and personal experiences on that idea here, or review my No Coincidences blog if you so desire.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t overly involved or interested in genealogy until after my last grandparent died in 1997.  She was a living resource that I failed to take advantage of at the time. But it was after she died that my mother and I were going through some of her things, including old photos and her list of all the grandchildren birthdays and anniversaries, which is when the genealogy bug actually bit me.

It was within a few months of her death that I bought my first genealogy computer software — a bare bones DOS based program that I don’t even recall the name of.  Within roughly two years of her death, I put up my first personal web site which included some basic genealogy information mixed in with a sea of unrelated personal interests.  The genealogy portion consisted mostly of family photos from a 1999 reunion at Aracoma Park in Mingo Jct., Ohio.

From those humble beginnings, the web site grew to its present humble content.  My hope and plan is for the site to grow into a larger tribute to my own family with more complete genealogical information and a gateway for extended families to share information and stories.

About the Banner Images

I’ve added a series of panoramic photographs that rotate at the top of these pages. I found these images online and they depict some of the key locations represented in my family histories.  The skylines of Steubenville and Sandusky, Ohio (two places I have called home) are pretty easy to pick out.  The other photos of “the old country” depict the countrysides of Ireland, San Marino, and Slovakia – where many ancestors of mine and my wife called home.

Some of the photos are in a lower resolution than the others, so the image quality varies a bit. I eliminated a few that turned out much worse and will continue to search for higher resolution photos of these (and other) key sites to add in the future.