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This is a list of the deceased INDIVIDUALS found in these Lucas family trees. Details of LIVING individuals have been masked to respect their privacy. Please feel free to browse these names and details, and PLEASE send me any corrections or additions that you might have.
*Individuals with birth dates prior to 1920 for whom I have no definitive death information are presumed to have died and are included with this information.

? (Private) ? (Private) A. (Private) A. (Private) A. (Private) A. (Private) A. (Private) B. M. (Private) B. (Private) B. (Private) B. (Private) C. A. (Private) C. (Private) C. (Private) C. (Private) C. (Private) D. L. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) Della (~1899 - ?) E. (Private) E. (Private) F. A. (Private) F. (Private) F. (Private) G. (Private) G. (Private) H. (Private) H. (Private) H. (Private) I. (Private) I. (Private) J. (Private) J. (Private) J. (Private) J. (Private) J. (Private) J. (Private) J. (Private) K. (Private) K. (Private) K. (Private) K. (Private) K. (Private) L. A. (Private) L. (Private) L. (Private) L. (Private) L. (Private) L. (Private) M. L. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) Mary F. ( - 1920) N. J. (Private) N. (Private) N. (Private) P. (Private) P. (Private) P. (Private) S. A. (Private) S. J. (Private) S. (Private) S. (Private) S. (Private) S. (Private) S. (Private) S. (Private) S. (Private) T. (Private) T. (Private) V. (Private) Velma (? - ?) W. (Private)
Bernadine (>1899 - ?) Bertha (1914 - 1990) Cloda Lee (1899 - 1984) D. (Private) F. (Private) Forrest (~1894 - ?) J. (Private) Lula Mae (1911 - 1953) M. E. (Private) M. (Private) Marion (1874 - ?) Mildred (1898 - ?) O. M. (Private) Oakel Herschel (1901 - 1971) Otha Daniel (1908 - 1995) P. A. (Private) Phyllis Jean (? - ?) Thelma (1899 - ?) William Herman (1896 - 1976) Wonsie Elizabeth (1921 - 1987)
B. (Private)
K. A. (Private)
Evelyn Gertrude (1915 - 2007)
V. L. (Private)
? (Private) A. C. (Private) A. L. (Private) B. G. (Private) B. J. (Private) B. L. (Private) B. L. (Private) B. (Private) B. (Private) C. P. (Private) D. G. (Private) D. (Private) D. (Private) Eva (1929 - 2004) F. J. (Private) G. A. (Private) G. (Private) H. (Private) Isaac Daniel (1911 - 1972) J. D. (Private) J. E. (Private) J. (Private) Jessie David (1912 - 1952) John Hershal (1929 - 1998) John Winifred (1906 - 1966) K. (Private) L. D. (Private) Lena Samantha ( - 1972) M. R. (Private) M. (Private) M. (Private) N. M. (Private) P. (Private) Paul William (1909 - 1970) Paul William, Jr. (1928 - 1928) R. D. (Private) R. K. (Private) S. S. (Private) S. S. (Private) S. (Private) T. R. (Private) T. W. (Private) T. (Private) V. L. (Private) W. S. (Private) William W. ( - 1917)
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Information about living individuals has been masked on these pages; however, I do maintain that information privately. If you are related to these lines and have or are looking for more information not found here (or have any corrections, additions, anecdotes, photos, or other suggestions) please contact me so that we may compare notes. I am ALWAYS looking to update that information. Please also see the SITE DISCLAIMER regarding Family Tree Data.

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