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Husband: L. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 1
Married: (Private) 12
Wife: Wanza COMBEST
Born: 11 MAY 1927 2
Died: 18 DEC 1970 3
Father: Otha Edward COMBEST
Mother: Nell Nevada LANE
01 (F): S. K. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 4
Spouses: L. K. MCGOWAN
02 (M): L. T. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 5
Spouses: C. S. HAIL
03 (M): D. E. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 6
Spouses: J. F. MEECE
04 (M): R. D. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 7
Spouses: M. J. SHERER
05 (M): J. G. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 8
Spouses: D. S. LEWIS
06 (M): S. D. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 9
Spouses: V. E. WRIGHT
07 (M): P. K. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 10
Spouses: J. L. JASPER
08 (F): L. J. MERRICK
Born: (Private) 11
Spouses: W. WELCH
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